Thursday, September 15, 2016

”Always Remember, Be Nice to People”

Rothacker Advertising & Design and George Rothacker have maintained a strong relationship with
“First Snowfall” (acrylic on canvas).
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this and other theatre prints and paintings
by George H. Rothacker
the Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, Pennsylvania since 2002. George was introduced to the Museum by then Media resident David Wren who is publishing a book about Ardrossan, the ancestral  home of Hope Scott, the inspiration for "The Philadelphia Story," and for which Stewart won an Academy Award. That same year he painted “First Snowfall,” and produced prints, cards and even a Christmas Ornament to benefit the Museum.

Over the past many years, George and his firm have worked with the Museum on many projects including a show of paintings on “The Movies and Music of Hollywood”, featured last year in conjunction with the holiday season.

This year, Rothacker embarked on a new venture: the creation of a 20 minute video on the life of Jimmy Stewart, a person of substance, great character, humility and heroism. The work is written, directed and edited by tRothacker Advertising & Design and produced by the Jimmy Stewart Museum and Foundation.

According to Rothacker, “The video should be complete by the 2016 holiday season, and will be part of an educational program based on the ‘values’ of Stewart, as well as the actor and the parts he played.

“The title of the video was inspired by wise words his twin daughters were given by their father before the went away to college, ‘Always, Remember, be nice to people.’

In 2015, Rothacker Advertising & Design merged Dimitri Tiomkin’s original score into the 1946 movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Most of the music was deleted from the film and never presented to the public. Click here for the complete story.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rock Legend Classics

Order early for delivery for the holiday season.

Jimi Hendrix (available in various sizes
in metal or acrylic format)
A new venture for Rothacker Advertising & Design is the George Rothacker is the development of a line of limited edition prints that may just the perfect gift for the “Rock Fan” this Holiday Season.

Working from various “scrap art”, George Rothacker has produced “original artwork” representing many of the leading musical artists in the “Rock” industry. The art is created in “vector” form, which means that it may be scaled to and size and preserve the vibrancy, color and detail of the original art.

Prints are available in standard sizes as detailed on the website RockLegendClassics, and may also be customized to fit specific needs or options. “The concept was to provide affordable, self-framed original art in editions of only 50 that would directly interpret my concept and intent, ” said George. “These works are intended for a predominately modern interior for office or home, and can be used either as a singular statement, or combined with others to create a ‘picture wall.’”

Rothacker’s ventures into this medium include monochromatic photographic metal prints of local landmarks, used as office installations for Franklin Mint Credit Union, and a series of Nantucket wall abstracts (click for details.)

Prints require about 3-weeks for delivery, so keep that in mind before ordering. A “Questions” form is available on the site for special requests.
Rendering of multi-print installation of Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Margaret Kuo's Media 25th Anniversary Celebration

Facade decoration for Margaret Kuo's Media Anniversary
Margaret Kuo's restaurants have been a fixture in Delaware and Chester Counties for more than 44 years. 2016, the Chinese "The Year of the Monkey," is the 25th Anniversary of Margaret's State Street, Media location, a restaurant known for its Chinese and Japanese cuisine including many classics such as Peking Duck and Sushi. As part of the campaign, we RAD was enlisted to design the 25th Anniversary emblem, invitations, email promotion, print ads and EDDM mailing as well as the festive facade installed at the entrance to the Media restaurant during the celebration. According to George Rothacker, the design for the “emblem” is modeled after a Chinese paper cutting. The celebration and the 25% discount on meals extends through November 30, 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Social Media for KiiX Heel Protectors

How social media fits into the world of retail marketing may seem obvious, but in reality Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram each requires a program that suits its strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is a “discussion based” while Pinterest and Instagram are “visual” media. Facebook embraces word and messages, while YouTube provides the opportunity to tell complete stories in sound and video.

Our new social media client, “Just for KiiX” provides a product for women’s high heels that can be affixed “invisibly” to the heel to protect it from scrapes, chips and breakage. With women's shoes sometimes costing several hundred dollars, the product is an inexpensive way of protecting shoes and the investment.

As an introduction to the social media campaign, RAD conceived and produced a YouTube video to be shared between various social media. The series, entitled “Shoe Tunes”  is a series of condensed, or mashed up versions of songs related to shoes, that are coupled with the latest trends in high heels and boots, or with unusual or fantastic shoes that capture the imagination of heelaphiliacs.

Click below to view the inaugural video featuring a segment of the Kirsty MacColl classic “In These Shoes.”

Click below to view the :30 Halloween spot created for social media.